The Intended Impact Businesses Create

The positive impact businesses tend to create,
3rd November, 2017

Hotel Skopje Marriot
Keynote speaker 2017
Gib Bulloch

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Companies Doing Good Forum 2.0

3nd December, 2017 - Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, Hotel Marriot

The Intended Impact Businesses Create

How do companies step into the CSR culture and how do they distribute it down to all the employees?! And, how does what we recognize as "business" enter the entirely new set of values while at the same time maintaining the basic business principles?!
We are also curious to learn about this and precisely defined other relevant ideas capable of leading modern businesses ahead. At the same time we aim to learn from the best and their best practices.

This year's Forum hosts 30 businesses and the same number of entities with deep insight into societal challenges in Macedonia. It is dedicated to a specific topic - "The Intended Impact Businesses Create". Learn about the key speakers on the Forum. Take a look at the Agenda! And the format of the Forum  . Curious to join in? Please register and we will get back to you with the information on the seats' availability!

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