The Intended Impact Businesses Create

3rd November, 2017

Hotel Skopje Marriot
Keynote speaker 2017
Gib Bulloch

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Companies Doing Good Forum 2.0

3rd November, 2017 - Skopje Marriott Hotel

The Intended Impact Businesses Create

Wise businesses look closely at new market disruptions following up on customers’ habits and values transformation over time. Those who can see beyond the frontier of bare profit seem to hold the capacity to adopt to new market rules more successfully and lead their businesses ahead.

“Businesses holds the power to change the world and the individual holds the power to change the world of business”.

Gib Bulloch, this year’s Companies Doing Good Forum keynote speaker thoughtquoted above, reveal the magic behind the sustainable social impact that businesses can create. His motivational speech will shed light on the 04th sector, as he names it, arousing on the market – “an emerging new business ecosystem where social purpose has the same priority as profit.

New digital technologies and innovative financing mechanisms will help to catalyze new hybrid business models that will combine some of the best private sector DNA with NGO and public sector capabilities”.

Companies Doing Good Forum 2.0 is curious about the intended impact businesses are able  to create. Learn about the key speakers on the Forum. Take a look at the Agenda!

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