-The New Economy - Businesses creating ecological,
social and economical value -

10th December, 2018 - Skopje Marriott Hotel

Companies Doing Good Forum 2018

The New Economy - Businesses creating ecological, social and economical value -

Our current economic operating system needs an update!

“For decades we treat nature, labor and money as commodities; that is, we treat them as they are
produced for the marketplace and for consumption. But, it’s a fiction since the nature isn’t produced
by us for market consumption. Nor are human beings (labor). And neither is the money” - Karl
Polanyi in “The Great Transformation”.

The phenomenal growth that the humankind is currently undergoing is a result of the commodity
fiction and it comes at a certain price. Its negative externalities include environmental destruction,
poverty and cyclical monetary breakdowns.

Companies Doing Good Forum 3.0 focuses on three (out of seven according to Presencing
Institute, Massachusetts, Cambridge) acupuncture points that we need to unroll simultaneously to
allow for shifting the ego-system to an eco-system mode of functioning.
Leadership from Top-down to Co-create; David Grayson elaborates how we need to put “All
in” for the new leadership to emerge.

From GDP to Wellbeing; Rumyana Taneva, GRI - how GRI help organizations describe its
economic, environmental and social footprint as a huge step in enable wellbeing throughout their

Technology - Tadej Slapnik and Nena Dokuzov showcases Blockchain as a tool for sustainability.
Finally, explore transformative methodologies enabling a rapid change to happen in massive
organization - Kenneth Hogg, Director in Scottish Government, responsible for public
service reform program

“At the heart of our current predicament is a disconnect between the real-world
challenges—the widening ecological, social, and spiritual divides—and the outdated
economic models we use to respond to them. Closing that gap will require nothing less
than a transformation of the economy”.

Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer, MIT;
U.lab and Presencing Institute co founder