Companies Doing Good Forum

- Transforming Society Through Businesses -

Hotel Marriott, 2nd December, 2016 - Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Companies Doing Good Forum

Transforming Society Through Businesses

Companies Doing Good Forum is an informative, interactive and engaging event that aims to establish lasting partnership among entities that can trigger disruptive changes in the societal spheres in Macedonia.

Its intention is to shed light on the benefits of adopting socially responsibility culture among companies' employees, and point on the steps and values to take up so that this process breaks successful, as per the best practices presented by the Key speakers on the Forum.

Another goal of the Forum is to detect societal spheres with the highest potential for change in Macedonia.

This segment is designed so it points on the potential prototype endeavors capable of tackling certain problems or social phenomenon, strategically. As an alternative to actions undertaken usually symptomatically, a couple of sessions designed around  this idea aim to bring different entities together, building up on their internal capacities and values.

Thus, this year's Forum hosts 30 businesses and the same number of entities with deep insight into the mentioned spheres of societal challenges in Macedonia.

The topics to be discussed and presented gravitate around good practice examples related to:

  • Overall understanding of the most important aspects of the CSR activities focusing on Structural approach to CSR, Organizational management and internal culture in companies, Relationship with employees, Environmental issues, Market relationships, Development and involvement of the community
  • CSR and engaging partnership among companies and the civil sector
  • Introduction of new business models - for profit or for benefit oriented businesses
  • Social Impact measurement models

Read more about what each Key speaker brings into this debate.