Companies Doing Good Forum - The Future of Workplace April 15 - 16, 10.00 - 14.00 CET, Online Conference

Charlie Felgate

[Innovation Leader, Decathlon, France]

Ann-Sofie Gunnarsson

[Manager of New partnerships and collaborations, IKEA Sustainability & Social Entrepreneurship, Sweden]

Eliav Rodman

[Entrepreneur, MyInterview, Israel]

Gib Bulloch

[Independent Consultant, Writer, Speaker]

Dragana Jakimovska

[Director at HAVEP Impex Macedonia]

Jelena Preradović Stevanović

[Community Relations and Contributions Manager for South East Europe, Philip Morris]

Heather Henshaw

[The customer from the future]

Maja Anteska

[Principal Manager, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Advice for Small Businesses Macedonia]

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